Looking for a reason to travel to Stockholm, Sweden? We see some really wonderful silver and gold pieces in our donation appraisal work, but nothing quite like this tankard showcased at Sweden’s National Museum within “The Joy of Giving” exhibition. Curated by Micael Ernstell, it highlights a selection of significant donations of precious-metal items received by the museum in recent decades.

The collections of the National Museum boast a plethora of exquisite items, providing representative examples of Swedish and European silver spanning from the 16th century to contemporary pieces. This unique collection has been partially formed through the generous donations and financial contributions received over the years. The exhibition features approximately 80 gifts that have been donated to the museum in the recent past.

Exhibited objects vary from splendid baroque and elegant rococo pieces to modern silver from the decades surrounding the turn of the millennium. The display includes tankards, bowls, jewelry, candlesticks, vases, and goblets, all crafted from silver.

Photo Source: National Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

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