Sweet Reward Could be Next–But What IS a Sugar Lift Aquatint?

Today’s Fox News has a story about a rare Picasso print that was stolen from the office of a Milwaukee art appraiser on Feb. 16th, 2018.  (This is why we have an alarm system, dogs, and locked doors, by the way!) Here is a link to the story “FBI working with police to recover stolen Picasso; reward could soon be offered”

But what caught my eye, is the method that Picasso used for this print of 30 editions.  I looked it up and found a great video by (African born) France-based artist Cedric Green, who’s work is not only beautiful, but he is also a leading figure in environmental ethics in print-making 

Sugar lift aquatint is a process in which the india ink is suspended in sugar (Caro syrup usually) which is then dissolved in warm water, leaving only the ink.  Print making techniques are easier to explain by watching (or doing) so here is a link to a YouTube video Green produced showing exactly what sugar lift is.

In the meantime, we will keep our eyes open for any signs of that Picasso!


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