The Mecca for Art Appraisers!

Paris, France–I know this is a city of art and antiques, but I am always amazed at the density of professionals.  Tucked away in the 9th arrondissement, are quaint little merchants and store-fronts that have grown up around the “Drouot Auction House.”  This auction house was founded in 1852 and consists of 16 halls with 70 independent auction firms. There are up to 8 auctions a day and, unlike the auction houses of Christies’ and Sotheby’s, anyone can attend without any credentials.

A short walk in the 9th arrondissement will take you by “houses” with specialists in stamps, coins, rare books, estate jewelry, clocks, and certain art and antique periods.  Of course, being Paris, there are even cafés for these specialists.

Paris is an art Mecca, and for this humble appraiser from Colorado, I feel fortunate to get to make the pilgrimage to it’s history, art and architecture.

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