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FaceTime and email Appraisals

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are not currently making house calls.  However, we continue to provide FaceTime and email appraisals so there is no need to leave the safety of your own home!

Whether you need a basic appraisal on a single item, or a comprehensive appraisal for your collection, we have the technology!

Using high resolution photos (either provided by you or taken by us via the FaceTime app)  along with extensive access to research, we have very few limitations to providing you with a quality appraisal.  Our research may include getting information about past auctions, contacting galleries or specific experts, and researching global databases such as the Getty Research Institute or the Art Loss Registry.

 We also offer express services for our clients with more immediate needs.

In the rare chance we need to see the item in person, we can arrange for delivery or pick-up.


Virtual Walk-Through Appraisals

“Restricted Appraisals” via email

We offer what are known as Restricted Appraisals if you are simply curious about the value of an item.  These are quick, one page valuations that cannot be used for other purposes (e.g. insurance, estates, or IRS).  This can be a good way to begin if you are unsure about the general value of an item.  If you wish to get a full comprehensive appraisal, we will apply the cost of the restricted appraisal toward that.

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