Kacey milwicz

“I have a great interest in contemporary and estate jewelry, and do my own custom metalsmithing and jewelry design. I love hearing about family histories, heirlooms, and special treasures passed through the generations.  The endless learning process of appraisal services keeps me engaged and passionate about this work.”


Kacey Milwicz has worked as a professional art appraiser for over 3 years, providing art and personal property appraisals for individuals, attorneys and trusts throughout Colorado. She has developed a strong background in estate jewelry, sterling and household contents, with extensive experience in research.  Current and compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, she is also a credentialed gemologist.  Kacey often provides curated liquidation services for her client’s decorative art and jewelry.  She has volunteered for a regional history museum providing “antiques roadshow” appraisals.


 Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice–up-to-date 09/19

Grand Canyon University B.S. Phoenix, AZ

Boulder School of Metals, Boulder, CO


Appraisal Fair Volunteer–Aurora History Museum “Antique Appraisal Events”

Boulder Valley School District



American Society for Jewelry Historians, New Rochelle, NY

Boulder Art Association Boulder, CO

Online Appraisers Association

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