Finding Hidden Treasures Where You Least Expect them

Here is a great story out of Britain where about $90,000 in gold coins were discovered by a piano tuner inside a donated piano months later: Washington Post. The courts ruled that even though the piano had been in their home for three decades, the donors were not entitled to any of the money found.

I don’t suppose there are very many appraisers who would have thought to open up the piano, but it is amazing how often we find things stashed in unusual places!

On a personal note, just as we finished packing up everything from the historic house of my late great aunt in Jonesborough, TN, my mom glanced under the rug on the stairs and found $3,000.00 in cash stashed there!  I suppose this should be a reminder to us all to be thorough when inspecting art and antiques, and also once it is given away, it is GIVEN AWAY!

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