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All of our appraisals adhere to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, USPAP as set forth by the Appraisal Foundation of America, and the prestigious Appraisers Association of America.

We know. We’ve been there.  An appraisal is sometimes needed for complex reasons such as estate probate, marital litigation or debt resolution.  We understand that our clients are often undergoing a time of personal crisis, and the stress level can be high, therefore we always approach our appraisals with compassion, discretion and transparency and treat all parties involved with the utmost respect. This is a vital element of who we are and the services we provide.  We maintain the strictest of confidence to guarantee the utmost privacy for our clients and at no time, unless required by law, do we share personal information with any third party without your permission.

We make house calls.  Our appraiser will work with your schedule and determine the scope of work required for your appraisal.  We carefully examine and photograph each item, gather pertinent information, and answer any questions you may have. Once we are back in our office, we will review our notes and the high-resolution photos and begin our research.  This may include gathering information from past auctions, contacting galleries or experts, researching within global databases such as the Getty Research Institute, or the Art Loss Registry.  All our reports are delivered within the agreed upon timeline.  We also offer express services for our clients with more immediate needs.

What you get:  We provide beautifully designed full-color digital and printed reports that include full descriptions, measurements, photographs, and extra information (such as biographies, historical facts, etc.) on some of the most important items.

What do we charge:  In accordance with all good appraisal practices, our fees are never contingent upon the amount for which items are appraised. We bill by the hour at $95.00 per appraiser, including travel time and expenses.  We will always give you an idea of the final cost up front, and there will never be any surprises.  We will work with you to lower your costs, but sometimes it isn’t until we begin researching an item that we get a true idea of where this level may be (eg. we have uncovered some very valuable items that were an afterthought). 

Looking for other services?

In addition to our Appraisal Services, we are now partnering to provide you with more options for liquidating art, antiques, jewelry, furniture, collectibles and other valuables, as well as other services to streamline the whole process.  These include:

Monthly Online auctions 

Quarterly Live Auctions

Full Estate Sales and Clean-outs,

Packing, Shipping, etc. 

Find out more about these services HERE.

Trusts & Estates • IRS • Courts-of-Law • Insurance Underwriting 

Preparing for your appraisal

Make sure the appraiser has relatively easy access to the items you want appraised.  Though it isn’t  required that they can see every detail of an item, it does help.  In fact, sometimes the back or bottom of an item has as much or more information than the front!  [Click here to see our favorite show, BBC’s “Fake or Fortune]

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