Why You Should Hire an Appraiser

Why Hire an Appraiser?

Insurance, Estates, Divorce, Donation or Curiosity?

Not everyone is looking out for your best interests.

Though the independence, expertise and experience of our appraisers are critical to establishing a credible valuation in an appraisal report, we are very protective of our clients.  Our independent appraisers and research specialists are all background-checked and follow the Appraisal Foundation’s code of ethics of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Hiring a USPAP compliant appraiser will ensure that you get the most accurate valuation.  The appraiser will establish the scope of work, approach to value and provide a full color, quality, certified report.

We rely on the latest technology in researching and compiling our appraisal reports.  You will receive access to digital files and all of the research that goes in to concluding our valuations.

We care because we’ve been there.  

Our team members have experience with loss, grief, and the overwhelming task of downsizing or “dealing” with items left behind by our loved ones.  We take a sensitive and confidential approach to all of our new projects, and are committed to working with you to find solutions.

References available upon request.

Why get appraisals in connection with estate planning?

Estate planning is often overlooked and misunderstood. The American Society of Appraisers offers the following tips about why to get appraisals in conjunction with estate planning, how to hire an appraiser and what to expect in the appraisal process.

  Appraisals of privately held business interests (stock, partnership units, etc.) are required by IRS regulations to support values claimed on estate or gift tax returns.*

A professional appraisal provides the client some insurance against an IRS audit and professional support in case of audit.

The costs of appraisals are deductible expenses on estate tax returns and sometimes in estate planning (e.g., family limited partnerships).

Have a full appraisal report done on the most important pieces in your collection. An accredited appraiser can help determine which pieces require a full report. He or she can also help catalog and identify the rest of the collection.

Often the appraiser can assist an attorney in structuring an estate plan that will maximize the tax benefits for the client by providing the attorney with strictly a “value” point of view.

The appraisal can provide a benchmark of value for an asset or collection so that subsequent appraisals will illustrate the growth (or decline) in value.

*Appraisley does not appraise these.

Appraisal Foundation’s brochure “The Valuation of Fine and Decorative Art”

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