A Little Lunch Among Antiques

In my travels last week in the Loire Valley of France, I came across a great little town called Saumur that holds a weekly flea market. Unlike some of the garage sales in my home state of Colorado, this little market was packed with great pieces!  Included in the usual knick knacks, were of lots of 19th century porcelain, bronze statues, some beautiful antique furniture.  There were also lots and lots of books and beautiful posters.

I got the feeling that these flea markets were a regular thing for the sellers and they all seemed very dedicated to their booths. And at 12:30 in a classic French style, they all set up their little café tables for a proper déjeuner, or lunch–all with their own china dishes, wine, and linens.  I decided not to ask about a prices during their feast, so I went and had my own déjeuner.

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