There is a vulnerability among elders and the planning of their estates.  Even if there is a good deal of planning, there are still some folks who are unprotected and fall through the cracks. Last year The New York Times had a sad story about one such woman, Leola Dickerson.  She was forgotten at the end of her life. Even though she had a will and an attorney and she had people who cared about her, with clear plans about where she wanted to be buried, she still fell through the cracks.  It is sad to think that, in this data-driven world, there is not a national database for the directives or the wishes of our elderly and most vulnerable.

One reason I got involved in appraising was to protect such people from being taken advantage of. Getting an attorney and a USPAP compliant appraiser is a good idea, because not everyone is looking out for your best interests.

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