COVID-19 and Appraisal Services


We understand there are many concerns regarding COVID-19 (novel coronavirus). We at Appraisley are remaining vigilant in maintaining safety protocol and staying informed with the Colorado Department of Health & Environment.


The Appraisal Foundation recommends the following:


First, we will talk with you about the coronavirus to learn if you have any protocols you would like us to follow.

Second,  when scheduling the appointment we will identify any risk of infection  and give you the opportunity to ask us screening questions or to assure you we are not ill.

We will also follow best practices by wearing gloves, not shaking hands, and keeping a safe perimeter,  etc.  and we are also disinfecting any highly touched surfaces regularly to lower the risk to our clients and ourselves.


This may be a good time to consider our online appraisal service:  online-appraisals

Below are some resources to help you prepare and prevent the spread of infection:

As always, please don’t hesitate to call or email with questions.  Through vigilance I’m optimistic that we will all get through this!


–Annie, Kacey, Maggie & Cleo

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