Online Appraisal

Online Appraisals

Just fill out the form below and upload some photos of what you’d like to have appraised and pay with a credit card. You’ll get a certified appraisal within 2 business days.

$39.95 per item.


Online Appraisals

Our Online Appraisals are "Restricted Appraisals"-- for your use only. They are NOT intended for insurance, estate or IRS uses.

We will typically use a Marketable Cash Value (MCV)--defined as "the net value a willing seller realizes after disposing of property in a competitive and open market to a willing buyer. Both the buyer and seller must have reasonable knowledge of all relevant facts, and neither being under constraint to buy or sell."

Again, this is a "restricted" appraisal and is intended for your use only. If you require an appraisal for any other purpose, please contact us and we'll be happy to help!
Give us a good description of what you have with any info that may be useful. Please include size (height, width, depth).

Photos: use indirect natural light if possible. You may want to photograph glass framed pictures on the floor to reduce reflection.

Be sure to get the entire object, edge-to-edge, and the back or bottom. Get a close-up of any signatures or makers marks. Use a magnifying glass in front of your camera lens for a close up of marks, or if you suspect you have a print.

Price: $ 39.99
Once we get your information and photos you will get a payment link. You'll get a certified report emailed to you within 2 business days.

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