Digging through an estate can be like archeology. Layers and layers of a person’s life are evident and sometimes we find the unexpected.  It’s great when we stumble upon an interesting object during our appraisal assignments.  Even though we are sometimes met with unexpected challenges and conditions, it’s never boring!

Sifting through a Denver home earlier this month felt like we were going back in time.  Layer by layer.  The 80 degree heat and poor lighting made it tough for our team. We shared the exhilaration Kacey discovered something interesting and of value in the rubble. After getting past magazines and newspapers from the 1950’s and 1940’s, she discovered several original, boxed 1930 Lionel toy trains (never played with).  And Annie found a mint-condition accordion with the 1957 with the price tag still attached. All buried beneath years of accumulated dust bunnies.

Like archeologists, we are witnesses to time and history.  The material remnants of the lives before us being broken down and pulled apart item by item.  If these things survive the landfill they will be given a new life of their own. And hopefully the toys will be played with and the instruments will be danced to.

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