Benefiting Charities–Marie- Kondo Style!

It can be very joyful and satisfying to have a tidy space.  Even if it’s just a closet of set of drawers.  But don’t just throw things out or put them in storage. Donate them for someone else to find joy.  And don’t forget to keep track of your donations.

Marie Kondo, the Japanese-downsizing-celebrity makes it clear that it isn’t just about washing and re-organizing, letting go of things that no longer “Spark Joy” for you.  Your things can spark joy for someone else through a donation to The Goodwill or any number of charities that accept household goods and clothing.

If you are having trouble deciding on where to donate the results of your clean out, try contacting Donation Town and they will come and pick up your items and let you pick from a list of excellent local charities!

You can use Appraisley’s handy (and free) DONATION CALCULATOR that you can use to find the estimated values for some of your household donations.