Annie Fox, Appraiser

Colorado appraiser

  • General Appraisal Experience Includes: Paintings, Sculpture, Fine Art Prints, Antique Furniture, Art Pottery, European and American Porcelain, Glass, Native American Art, etc.
  • Specializing: Large household estates.
  • Meets the Appraiser Qualifications of the IRS (Publication 561 (4/2007)
  • Appraisal Foundation via Appraisers Association of America, New York, NY • USPAP Compliance Exam, 2018

I grew in a home full of art, antiques and old books in Denver, Colorado.  My education and interests span multiple subjects. I received an N.E.A. grant through the Colorado Creative Industries in 2017.  This allowed me to study at Christie’s Education Summer School in London, UK.  I’m trained and compliant with USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraising Practice).  And I’m a candidate for the prestigious Appraisers Association of America. 

My education includes a B.A. in Geography from the University of Colorado, Boulder; Illustration and design studies at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design; Letterpress and printmaking from the Minnesota Center for Book Arts; and oil painting under Master Painter Quang Ho at the Art Students League of Denver.  I’ve worked as an art director and designer in the advertising and marketing industry for many years in both Minneapolis and Boulder.