Appraisley has provided Art and Personal Property appraisals in Colorado for almost a decade.  Paintings, Sculpture, Drawings, Fine Art Prints, Jewelry, Silver, Furniture, Ceramics, Antiques, Collectibles, Luxury Goods, Native American Art, Residential & Household Goods, Large Estates, etc!

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Why hire us for your art appraisal?

We have extensive appraisal experience with art, antiques, collectibles and other personal property.  We strive to bring you the very best professional experience.  Our appraisal process always begins with an emphasis on honesty and compassion.

• Accredited with Appraisers Association of America, AAA

• Meets the Appraiser Qualifications of the IRS

• Appraisal Foundation USPAP Compliant

• Trusted, Unbiased, Transparent

• Bonded, Insured, Background Checked

Getting advice on what to do with my parents things was hugely helpful. Thank you for your professionalism!”
--Lynn W.

Annie and team did a phenomenal job. Timely, thorough, knowledgeable and able to answer questions that no one else had been able to answer!”
--Tracy B.

I am SO glad that Appraisley came to look at what I had before an estate sale.  Turns out I had an original Tiffany & Co. vase that was really valuable!”
--Jack M.

How does appraising work?

Gathering accurate information for an appraisal is crucial.  This can involve using special lighting, magnification, accurate measurements, etc.  Looking at the back, bottom, or inside of an item can often reveal hidden clues. Information on the provenance (where it came from) is sometimes important in putting a value on an item, but not always.

An appraiser develops an “opinion of value” based many things, including research and experience.  The results are in no way contingent upon the fees. 

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Some of the items we’ve recently appraised…

In-person appraisals

An in-person summary appraisal can be used either for Insurance, Estates, Divorce, IRS Donation, Liquidation, etc.  As with any good art appraiser, our fees are not connected with outcome, but are based on our hourly rate, which is $105.00.  The final cost of an art or personal-property appraisal can range depending on the hours of research required.


Online appraisals

Sometimes people ask “is my art worth appraising?”  An online appraisal can be a great, cost effective way to start for SOME items.  These appraisals are typically “restricted” and can only be used by the client (not for insurance, IRS, etc.).  For a prepaid fee of $39.00 we will review uploaded photos of your item and give you a certified appraisal.  If it’s determined a more comprehensive in-person appraisal is needed, the cost of the online art and personal property appraisal will be applied.

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About us

Annie Fox

“I’ve worked as a fine artist (oil painting and lithography) and an art director.  I grew up around art, antiques and old books and I love history.  I’ve appraised hundreds of thousands of items.  Living in Colorado means you are likely to come across practically anything when appraising art!”


Annie Fox

Providing appraisals of Fine and Decorative Art, antiques, collectibles, and tangible personal property for determining Federal estate tax liability, equitable distribution for estate planning, division of assets, market analysis for resale, fair market value for charitable contributions, expert witness testimony and litigation support, and insurance coverage and claims.

Annie is an accredited member of the prestigious Appraisers Association of America, AAA.  She regularly advises and represents parties in the auctioning their art.  She has volunteered for 2 regional history museums providing “antiques roadshow” appraisals.


University of Colorado, B.A., Boulder, CO
Christie’s Education, London, UK
Completed Appraisal and Art Courses:
American Society of Appraisers:  How to Write a Bulletproof Expert Witness Report, 2021
Appraisers Association of America:  Black Photographers: A Survey of Market Trends, 2021 •  Antiquarian Books Lecture Series, 2020 • Working With Insurance Companies, 2020 • Appraising Oriental Rugs and Carpets, 2020 • Appraising Public Art: When, Why & How, 2020 • German Art: Expressionism to Bauhaus, 2020 • When All Is Not Lost: Appraising Partial Loss in Fine and Decorative Arts, 2020 • Advanced Issues in Appraising, 2020 • Art Market Metrics: An Overview, 2020 • USPAP 7-Hour Online, 2020 • Legal and Ethical Aspects of Appraising, 2019 • Market Analysis: When, Where and How Much to Write, 2019 • The In’s and Out’s of Templates, 2019 • Matrimonial Valuations, 2019 • Appraisal Writing Workshop, 2019 • The Middle Market: Art Auction Case Studies, 2018 • Research Methods for Appraisers, 2018 • Theory & Methodology, 2018 • Lecture Series: Jewelry, 2018 • Antiquities: Caveat Emptor, 2017 • USPAP 15-Hour NYC, 2017 • Mid-Century Modern Design, 2017 • Damage & Loss: Who and What You Need to Know, 2020 
Art Students League of Denver: Monoprints • Pastel Painting Techniques  • Oil Painting Studies with Quang Ho, Master Painter
Minneapolis College of Art & Design: Graphic Design •  Illustration
Minneapolis Center for Book Arts: Letterpress Printing • Book Making and Repair • Box Making
Other Courses: Wood Identification in Context, Yale Furniture Study


Awarded Grant Colorado Creative Industries, for Christie’s Education, London UK

Aurora History Museum “Antique Appraisal Events”

Sponsor Colorado Music Festival

Children’s Hospital of Colorado, Parent Advisory Board, Aurora, CO

Emergency Family Assistance Association, Boulder, CO, Guild



Member Appraisers Association of America

Member Boulder County Estate Planning Council

Member Women in Digital Agencies Network

Member Plein Air Artists Colorado

Member Friends of Painting and Sculpture “FOPAS“ Denver Art Museum

Kacey milwicz

“I have a great interest in contemporary and estate jewelry, and do my own custom metalsmithing and jewelry design. I love hearing about family histories, heirlooms, and special treasures passed through the generations.  The endless learning process of art and jewelry appraisal services keeps me engaged and passionate about this work.”


Kacey Milwicz has worked as a professional art appraiser for over 4 years, providing art and personal property appraisals for individuals, attorneys and trusts throughout Colorado. She has developed a strong background in estate jewelry, sterling and household contents, with extensive experience in research.  Current and compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, USPAP, she is also a credentialed gemologist.  Kacey often provides curated liquidation services for her client’s decorative art and jewelry.  She has volunteered for a regional history museum providing “antiques roadshow” appraisals.


Grand Canyon University, B.S. Phoenix, AZ

Completed Appraisal and Art Courses: Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice, USPAP 2017 •  USPAP 2019 | Boulder School of Metals:  Advanced Silversmithing Techniques | International School of Gemology, ISG: Introduction to Watches  •  Pearls Course  •  Diamonds  •  Colored Gemstones  •  Gemology Tools and Techniques  • Created and Treated Gemstones  •  Personal Property Appraising  •  Registered Gemologist Appraiser Practical Module

Appraisal Fair Volunteer–Aurora History Museum “Antique Appraisal Events”

Boulder Valley School District



American Society for Jewelry Historians, New Rochelle, NY

Boulder Art Association Boulder, CO

Need additional services?

We are pleased to announce that we will be expanding beyond art appraisals to include more auction services featuring Seasonal Online Auctions through and  Our next auction is expected to be held in September 2020.

We also offer shipping and cleanout services through various partnerships.

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Personal property appraising

The independence, expertise and experience of a appraisers is critical to establishing a credible valuation. As appraisers we follow the the U.S. Congressionally authorized source of Appraisal Standards and Appraiser Qualifications set forth by the Appraisal Standard’s Board through the Appraisal Foundation’s code of ethics of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

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